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May 8th, 2014 … Fuji X-Pro1 and 23mm May Be as Good as it Gets

05-14-0196-EditIt had been a little while since I used the 23mm, not a long time but enough to separate myself from the 35mm FOV. Well, that’s about as a untruthful statement as I’ve ever made. Here’s why.

Sometimes my brain goes on vacation and I forget many things. At these moments in time, I have to rely on the Eye, Heart and Mind. Well I did and what surfaced was a feeling of  distance and anticipation for the fra,e. With the 18mm I am completely comfortable in the FOV. The issue was this… The shooter brain went on vacation and left me wondering what to do.

My Eye told me to use the 23mm and it was a strong feeling from the Heart that was a pushing and a shoving and a just put the lens on shooter. I said to my innerds and outerds, no brain, no decisions!

The Mind intervened and took control of the situation. So, here’s why the brain went on vacation. Because I wasn’t paying close enough attention to what was going on, the brain took some time off so that I could re-trust the Eye, Heart and Mind to find the INTENT I was seeking in the photo.

I could use the 28mmFOV very easy and adapt the frame to make what was needing to be made. but the…..


….was somewhat different and slightly uncomfortable.


See, stance is extremely important in many ways. Stance is interpreted by others as to your INTENT about what you are doing. Stance also places a POINT of PERSPECTIVE at your feet.

So I noticed that my stance with the 28mm while is excellent, with the 23mm, there is almost never a shift of stance. I see something to make a photo of, I see the frame in my mind…(remember, the brain is on vacation)….and when the camera comes to the EYE…the frame lines are where they are supposed to be. Yes, it’s very easy to adapt the frame to make a photo by moving but it’s more important to be where you are supposed to be and be using what you are supposed to be using because you want what your INTENT wants to be as true to the EYE, HEART and MIND as possible.

There are those amongst us that think that this is rubbish…ain’t that a damn shame about them.

The photo above….I had to bend slightly due to the framing but….everything fell into exact place because I had the right stuff working. The 18mm would have included to much background and the STUFF would have been lost…… He was not aware I made this shot. He is a very high profile Lawyer and Politician and no doubt when he sees this photo…he’ll love it and tell me by writing a letter and sending it to me in Cell Block 18.


I know when things are right or almost because when I look at the photos in LR, I get a recollection of the MOMENT of capture and INTENT. It brings back the experience and it’s a joy to behold these photos before I bugger them all up and down with presets, LR, and all kinds of things to find what’s in them that makes me feel that my process of photography is what I am all about and is working the way I need it to work to keep me sane on this planet.

SANE…hmmmm what an ambiguous term for me.


Anyway, I’m told by Central Nervous Systems that my Brain is due back from vacation sometime late this evening. It wants to be involved in tomorrows shoot but I kinda like being the Streetshooter Scarecrow…”If I Only Had a Brain”…….

Have a good one or more and remember……Share a little joke with the world…..

shooter………………………………………………………..bye….bye…fer now!

April 24th, 2014 … Fuji X-Pro 1 & 18mm is Magic for Low Light!

04-14-0464-EditThere are those amongst us, well not me but maybe you, that think the 18mm is a low quality lens. I’ve written this before but still, that are remote places on the Earth that have not got the message. Then there are quadabillions of shooters that think the XP1 with it’s screen and EVF are not up to par. Well, fact is, yup…there are updated models like the XT1 that have the EVF and Screen down really nice.  Keep this here next part between you and I. I tried my neighbors XT1 and for the life of me, I couldn’t find the OVF. Seriously, I looked in the battery compartment, I looked on the front of the body, the back, the side….well. Fuji forgot something with that camera. I’m not one to spread rumors and I never said this…..there ain’t no dang EVF on the XT1. Shhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone….. I wonder how people use 2 eyes to make photos. I even wonder how people’s eye doesn’t get tired from looking at the EVF. I wonder how people frame in the finder and never see what’s around the image.

I wonder how the heck in low light how they……I’m not going there but speaking of low light……..

The photo above is made in very harsh background bright light and yet, I managed to maintain the details in the mid tone and shadows. Wouldn’t the EVF kinda over expose and get real bright and not be real good in a shot like this?   The OVF just smirks at light like this.

04-14-0478-EditDon’t even think about it. Without an OVF, you’d never see the lady on the right and the ghost on the left. This is with the 2 eye framing procedure. The left eye sees everything going on and the right eye sees the frame. It sees exposure data also but when the camera is at the eye, exposure should be set already and only framing should be going on.

04-14-0485-EditFor really low light, the OVF is nice because it doesn’t get dark and have squiggly pixel thingys going on. If I were you I’d be checking prices on the XP1 as they are starting to lower somewhat. Don’t let this great camera get away from you.

04-14-0495-EditI don’t have much time to write a lot but I had to get this out because I feel it’s the real deal.




April 23rd, 2014 … The Fuji X-Pro 1 is the Dream Catcher … or..Tales From The Street

04-14-0433-EditXP1  18mm  1/125 f/4  ISO 200

I took the XP1 (no names in this post) with the 18mm out for a walk. I kinda feel a certain freedom that has been lacking for a while. See, I’ve always used the 35mm FOV and now with the AMAZING 23mm, I have that but I feel restricted with that lens. Maybe it’s just the size factor. The 18mm converts to about a 28mm and that FOV seems to be almost standard with most manufactures specs. Well, who am I to argue?

For me, size is not that important of an issue but it is an issue. The 18mm fits very handsomely on the XP1. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE OR ANYTHING YOU READ ON FORUMS ABOUT THE POOR OR MEDIOCRE PERFORMANCE OF THE 18mm.  Most of these people are not hard core shooters, they just like to tear things apart. I’m a shooter, the read deal and I’m telling you, the 18mm is an absolute must have lens. I came to Fuji because of that lens and I’m glad I did.

I had just gotten off the bus at the Frankford Transportation Center. I had the camera on a nice braided strap and it seats about chest high. It is not adjustable and that’s why I have it,One less variable to consider in a days shoot.  Anyway, the people, the light, the structures…all these things turn me on in a way that only my photos can describe.

I started to walk towards the entrance to the Elevated Train. There’s this guy sitting and he’s bending over and the I see this caution thingy with a man falling….my eyes heated up, the camera was already in position and set. I walked closer and then saw the shot. The man sitting alone in the darkness and the woman holding her childs hand in the light….if you don’t see the magic in that, well…my workshops start in June.


XP1  18mm  1/125 f/4  ISO 1250

Youse all know I have this metaphysical awareness of the world. Well, I kinda believe that people are here alone and want to make some kind of a connection. Sometimes that’s both ways but in the case of the shot above…I was just making a photo. I raised the camera and pointed dead on to this guy and as I was just about ready to release…he starred right dead at the eye in the finder.

I immediately felt tension as he felt that I was invading his private space in the public theater. He didn’t actually see my eye as it goes, he looked at my VietNam Veteran hat. Maybe that was the deterrent from some kind of confrontation. Maybe it was just that he was feeling all alone and this guy with a camera who could have made a photo of any number of people actually chose him and then smiled.  Maybe that was it. Just maybe, just maybe, we both shared a moment that let us feel a little bit more human this morning.

The Stance Of The X-Pro 1

The XP1 has a few things going for it. Now many shy away from the word PROFESSIONAL. I never understood that altho’ I get it in a certain way. I guess the idea is that if you look like a tourist with your camera then people don’t mind you taking their picture. I also surmise that if a shooter uses a camera like the XP1 that the subject may think you are a Pro and get upset because they don’t want their picture plastered all over the known universe.

If you are allowing the EGO to control your stance, then of course you will put off people because you probably put yourself off also.  If you are the kind of shooter that is aware of your place in the world and it’s inhabitants, then you should never have a problem unless you want to label your self like , Professional, Streetshooter etc. It’s time to undress and leave those clothes at home.

The Fuji XP1 looks like a real Pro camera because it is but it doesn’t have to control your stance.  I don’t see moving away from these camera for as long as I can see. Here’s why.

When you act like something, then you are adjusting your stance and people can feel that and may respond any way they see fit. I use the XP1 in a very loose manner and when people see me pointing at them, it’s almost disarming because they are aware that I am using a good camera but in a very unassuming way. I am not going to TAKE their picture. I am making a photo.

Your stance is what provides the transpass thru life. No matter what camera you use, if your stance is clear, you shouldn’t have any problems. When I work, it’s very clear to all that I am absolutely in love with what I’m doing.


XP1 18mm  1/250  f/5.6  ISO 400

If I’m using the 28mm FOV, how close do you think I was to this guy?  That’s right, very. The simple fact that he turned around, punched my face, broke my camera has nothing to do with getting close, unobserved. That would have to do with not getting away fast enough….

All kidding aside….The camera’s fine. lol……. The biggest advantage of the OVF for me is not figuring out parallax, nah…it’s not ever having to deal with Mr Bokeh. Fuji knows about that guy and they installed the Anti’Mr Bokeh in the OVF finder and I for one appreciate it. That Mr Bokeh guy sometimes gets into my photos but I’m waiting..oh…I’m just waiting…..!


XP1  1/125  f/2  ISO 800

I love this camera and I have a new found love for the 18mm. I’ll not sell anything for a while, not till the Fuji XP17 is released.


Have a good day……the streets again tomorrow……………………. end transmission………………….



April 20th, 2014 … Daido the Fuji X20 … The Importance of the Family Snapshot Album

04-14-0402I was on the beach with Bobbie, Jimmy, Mike and Jock the Pro Shooter…uh with a camera from Oz. Of course we all had our M16’s with us except Jock, as we leaned back to see the sunset. Chu Lai, VietNam  was where we were stationed for the moment. We were allowed to take off for the evening because in the morning we had to take a truck out to LZ Liz because the troops needed supplies. Jock of course was not allowed to make the run with us.  As I gazed into the sky just falling into a restful state, the sunset started to wake up.

Now I know that there’s beautiful sunsets all over the world but non ever approach the beauty of VietNam.  I thought, this is what life should be about.

My brother Jerry called me and asked if Tanya and I would like to do something on Saturday. Of course, what do ya have in mind? So we decided to make a run to Cape May NJ.  I immediately got into the camera choosing frenzy because I wanted to take someone along but who? Well, Garry and Andre’ seemed to be resting and Daido the Fuji X20 was ready to do the mission.

So I picked up Daido and a few spare batteries, much needed…and put him in my jacket pocket.


This is my Brother Jerry and sister in law but I never liked calling Helen my sister in law because she’s always been just my sister….Period! I introduced them to Daido but I didn’t tell them Daido’s name was Daido because they think I’m still kinda sane and this would not be good to name and talk to a camera around them so I just introduced them by making photos.


This is Tanya. She knows Daido and actually likes him the most of all the cameras on the shelf. She thinks he’s more intelligent and capable than any other camera because he does everything very easy in any situation.



A big treat for people at Cape May is to find very special pebbles. There’s an art to the selection procedure and there is no instruction manual for pebble selections. It’s strictly an intuitive kinda thing.


Obviously Jerry and Tanya are not caught up in The Art of Pebble Selection at Cape May Beach.


I turned around quickly and thought I saw Georgia standing there. I knew it wasn’t here because I wasn’t ever Alfred……


They let this guy out for fresh air once a day. I hear that he’s kinda lost talking to people but does very well with the Dolphin. The Dolphin was not amused and wouldn’t look at Daido….eh.


This is at the Lookout Tower that was constructed during WWII. This memorial of course was of utmost importance to me. I go thru life and I know I’ll never find my way home but memorials are constructed for all Veterans so that they have a point of reference for the journey along the way. It lets us all know that we are out there wandering thru life but not alone.


Tanya was looking up at something….she found it very interesting but I don’t think anyone else did except Daido.


My brother Jerry has many brothers that I don’t have but all those brothers that have him as a brother don’t have me as a brother but…many of the brothers he has are also my brothers because some are patriots and some are Veterans. I tried to memorize all his brothers names but it was too many to count.


I started to feel hungry so we went to a Hibachi and sat there as the chef…(Better name I don’t know)…. did his magic with his tools. He definitely had tools as he never named tham. He’s young so in time he’ll remember that crazy old shooter as he starts to name his tools and bring them to life so he can do his mission in life…

The food was good as Japanese is my favorite as is Greek, Italian, French and French Fries that I can’t eat anymore. I couldn’t make any shots of the food because it was there and then it was gone….Daido took a nap during dinner.


Sometimes a Family Snap Shooter tries to get Artsy……


Yeah, yeah, another Artsy shot.


We are at Stewarts because I was thirsty and we had sodas and soup stuff and coffee. Yup, Tanya let me drink coffee that late at night. Of course it’s now 0925 the next day and I’m still awake….


Daido was jumping on the table and talking to Aunt Helen….I wanna make a photo of Mom and Dad…..Helen of course couldn’t say no and this is their collaboration……


I was wondering how Tanya would look in that outfit…hmmmm, I guess I’ll never know.

Anyway, never ever take the Family Album for granted. It is and always will be the most important work any photographer will ever pursue.

Have a good Holiday and get yer buts making photos for the Family Album!

seeya tomorrow…………..

April 18th, 2014 … The Fuji X-Pro 1 Finds It’s Strength by Discovering It’s Weakness

There is a law in Photography and life but who cares about Life when your a photographer. The Law is called the Inverse Square Law. This means that Less is More and More is Less. Take the camera for instance. The larger the hole in the lens, the smaller the F/number and then again, the more light that it lets in.

The 18mm takes in more than the 35mm that takes in less.  Really good cameras cost more but have less intrusion than less expensive cameras that have more intrusion. Hopefully you get this. I didn’t invent this, I just had to learn to live with it seems like my entire life. Ya know, the more I think about things like this, the less I give a uh..uh darn.

04-14-0319-EditSo as I was walking along the National Historic Park a young woman approached me and sked if I knew where the Liberty Bell was. Funny, I thought. We are 20′ away from it and on the outside. She said, I really want to see it. So I said, follow me and I shall show you the way. She asked if I was like a real photographer. I stated, when I was young I wanted to be a great photographer and make magic with my camera. Now that I’m older, I just want to breathe and enjoy what I’m make photos of. We walked into the tiny observation cove cove and we could see the Liberty Bell from outside where we were. She was mesmerized. Her mouth was open and like her jaw dropped. She starred like there was no tomorrow.

I felt like the American Patriot Guide that I am. She said, see that girl over there with that guy hugging her. Of course I said, she’s very cute. She said, yeah she is….and that’s my boyfriend holding her. Well, my mouth opend like a gasp and my jaw dropped but I backed up and waited for her to turn….she said….as she was turning, how do I get to the train station….CLICK!

I promised to send her the photo of her boyfriend and this one of her.

04-14-0317-EditIt’s still kinda cold out and I am not in my normal form. I mean that the weather has taken a toll on my well being and I haven’t recovered fully …yet.

The Inverse Square Law plays a large part with cameras that effect what and how and we do. Here’s what I’m talking about. I am putting this out for the XP1 because I can and I want to and because this is a few key elements about the XP1 and the Inverse Square Law.

A weakness in the camera is the EVF. The screen ain’t nuttin to write home about either. Yeah, lets just rip this sucker apart. HOLD ON!

The strength of the XP1 is that it helps you to see and make better photos. Now better is a stupid thing to say but it’s true. See, if you struggle somewhat with the screen, you naturally start to rely on the finder. Tricky thing that finder. See, many will auto mode to the EVF but it’s not a fance dancy automatic, electroplated, 4 speed, syncro mesd finder. It’s a plain almost really good but maybe needs work to make it better if your not a serious shooter.

Serious shooters will draw to the OVF with the auto guidance pushing the EVF and Screen out of the way. I know…I know….I must be outta my dang it mind.

Well, if we had a very bright, high resolution type EVF, thenwe could just get complacent with what we are doing because all the work has been smoothed out. When you use an XP1 with the OVF, you are learning to see again. You do not take for granted the frame or the parallax. You don’t fear this because you know the camera is trying to wake you up and wake up your mind and eyes.

So, the Inverse Square Law shows that of the 3 viewing systems,the one with the least assumed accuracy will provide the most good images because you were awake and concentrating using the camera and concentrating on the subject and not the screen. Let it be known on this planet and any that youse may be from. I have been know to be a LCD Screen advocate for a long time.


It’s Friday, Happy Hoildays to all. Today is RED SHIRT FRIDAY and I know all my Patriot Family from the Warriors Watch are wearing Red Shirts to show support for the troops.


April 16th, 2014 … Fuji X-Pro 1 and 18mm … a Meeting of the Eye, Heart and MInd

Well, Garry woke early this morning again. He had the un-named 18mm on and I gotta tell ya…I don’t plan on naming my lenses only because I have to many to deal with. My Leica glass alone is like a well equipped shop, in fact it used to be. So back to Garry and the 18mm. I spent decades with a 35mm Summilux or Summicron on my M bodies and never felt the need to switch FOV except sometimes. Well That became my NATURAL FIELD OF VIEW. Of course now just like then I carried a few other lens in my small bag. Well, that’s easier said than done with the X-lenses except the 18mm and the 27mm. So for many years with a variety of cameras I’ve come to learn to see the 28mm FOV as natural.

Now this doesn’t mean that I can’t use other lenses, it just means that my NATURAL FIELD OF VIEW has actually changed due to habits. It’s now really 28mm or the 18mm that Fuji makes but gets trashed by many users on forums because it doesn’t have that snappy sharpness that has nothing to do with the real quality of a photograph. What is true is that the 23mm (35mm) is an amazing lens and I’m lucky to own it and understand it. because of that….I will now revert back to the magical 18mm.

Fortunately I am of the mindset, that the content of my photos always without exception takes precedence over the Pixel Peeping that gets in the way of the Art of Seeing. The mechanical aspects of photography have never grabbed me and held me long enough to effect what and why I do what I do or try to do.

04-14-0287Fuji XP1 & 18mm

I have to say that many months ago, I used the 18mm a lot. When the 23mm arrived on the shelf, I fell under it’s spell and was enamored by it’s charms. On the street I felt as if an old friend had come to visit me. I felt the FOV just work for me without hesitation. I could come upon a scene and when I raised the camera, I was where I was to be. That brought back the Natural Field Of View to me and I cherished every frame I made with it. There was something I started to notice. I noticed that many times, I was too tight. It felt uncomfortable and I spent a lot of time analyzing the situation to try to find a solution.

I had figured on having the Trinity. This is like my 1st release Tri-Elmar 28-35-50.  So I would want to get the 18-23-35 to equal the Trinity. I have it but with the Leica and all my Leica’s and lenses…I used 35mm as the Pivot Point for Lens change. So, I would be at 35mm and could go wider to 28mm or longer to 50mm. As it happens now, I still have the Trinity but my Pivot Point is different.

I would use the 18mm as normal, then go to the 23mm or 35mm. Of course the 14mm is an option but not for me at the moment. There are a few shooters that make use of the 14mm that should be studied. Chris Dodkin and Gene Lowinger really have it down. For me it’s a bust time with street shooting, preset designing, magazine stuff. interviews and Tanya the Russian Wifey. I simply don’t have the time to investigate the 14mm. Besides, I’ve used the Heliar 15mm for a long time and it’s virtually the same but different.

04-14-0302Fuji XP1 & 18mm

So with all this going on, I am glued to LightRoom making Presets. It’s going to be a nice set and should be released soon. What I do with my presets is to find a formulae I like then, take it in another direction but still keep the characteristics of what I started with, just enhanced. This way, when someone loads the presets in their program, it will work as a continuation . Think of it as a series of images, related but different enough to be interesting and re-interpret the image.

The X-Trans requires different approaches as there are many that use the DR 200 & DR 400. Of course that requires a different approach that I am working on. Today I got out just a little and ya know for Spring Tome here in Philly, I froze my nuggins off. Tomorrow promises to be about the same but I’ll go out anyway because sometimes I do stupid things like that.

You should all know, Duane is flying his Jet all around trying to find Spring. He’s a flying Marine and if anyone can find Spring, he can. I don’t know how he’ll get it back here for us but the Marines Improvise and Overcome.

Have a good day and thanks for your friendship.

April 14th, 2014 … The Fuji XP1 named Garry and the 18mm Get Their Way …

04-14-0235-EditI was drinking a cup of Kona at my desk in the back bedroom that’s converted to my office when Tanya let’s me use it. I heard a rumble going on and I wanted to see what the ruckus was about. Well, The Fuji XP1 named Andre’ was arguing with the Fuji XP1 named Garry. See, Garry wanted to get out and on the street but…..that’s not the argument. See, Garry wanted to go out with the 18mm that thinks its a 27mm but acts like  28mm but we doin’ have to go there….not yet. Andre’ insisted that he should go because he has the 23mm that acts like a 35mm and he’s convinced that the Shooter fella like that FOV. Of course, so far…I have nothing to say to my cameras and lenses. They have to resolve this to keep peace on the camera shelf.

Well, Garry pointed out that his job was to provide a 50mm fov with the 35mm and also a 28mm fov with the 18mm. He said that he respected Andre’ the senior XP1 on the shelf too much to ask jim to change lenses. Of Andre’ being the gentleman camera that he is, let the younger less experienced Garry take the day. As it turns out, the lens decision was made by the cameras and I was not included in the process. So as I under stand it….Garry was going out with me with the 18mm that thinks it’s a 28mm but is really maybe….a 27mm.

I stopped for an illegal breakfast that was as always, well as it was always great. 1 egg, over easy, 2 slices of Philly pork roll fried crispy on the edges, a cup of coffee and a glass of water. 2 slices of wheat toast with pure 100% butter tops it off. I told Garry that if he told Tanya the Russian wife that has no tolerance for me not following the rules of good health, that he would never be on the street again. Garry turned his switch off until breakfast was finished.

My heart doesn’t like this breakfast combo. In fact nothing in my body needs this breakfast but….it sure as heck taste good and makes me feel good in spirit. 1 time a month I can be a bad …bad…man.

So, I was asked by Garry to make a selfie and he wanted to be the star. So I asked him….how the heck am I to make a selfie and not be the star? Garry easily explained, focus and frame….close your eyes and leave the rest to me. I did and that’s the result…up there….

04-14-0250Garry hasn’t been out that much. I guess ya can tell that. The 23mm that acts like a 35mm has stolen the show for the last….who knows? The 18mm that sees like a 27mm but really we should think of it as a 28mm…hasn’t been out since the 23mm arrived on the scene. I have to admit. As good as the 23mm is, the 18mm is a better lens on the street.

Shhhhhhh don’t talk about IQ as Image Quality, talk about IQ as Intelligence Quotient.  This way, you can use your mind to think in terms of how a lens supports your efforts on the street and not about how sharp it is. Besides, the 18mm has an amazing contrast thing going on.

04-14-0252-EditCan ya see in the above shot that there’s little or no flare. I don’t use hoods on my lenses. This makes the 18mm the most amazing lens for the XP1. I didn’t name my lenses or cameras up there because I’m talking about yours.

The RICOH GRD4, the Queen of the streets give a similar feeling when you compare it to the XP1 & 18mm. No, not the size or interface but the images you find with the camera.  Let’s face it. The camera/lens combo really does make a difference on whet you find. I’m not talking about names of the cameras but in the way they seek what you are looking for. I have a White GRD4 that is named Penelope. When I work with Penelope, the feeling is very similar to working with Garry & the 18mm. They bot take me to the same places and the same lighting. They have the same FOV and the added OVF of the XP1 is the biggest treat and incentive for working. Penelope fits in my pocket and is always ready.

Penelope is named after Penelope Cruz. I wanted to name it after Halle but well…Penelope got into my heart faster.

I will hit the streets again tomorrow and get back to my 4-6 mile walk. Till then……I don’t know…you tell me……later.

April 9th, 2014 … The Fuji X20 named Daido captures Mr Bokeh

04-14-0147-EditWell, I’m sure it’s no secret about the Mr Bokeh dude. There’s millions and millions of shooters that buy a lens just so that Mr Bokeh will stop by and spent time in their photos.

Let’s get this straight right from the gitgo. I don’t believe in Mr Bokeh. He’s prejudice and only lives in longer lenses. If you wanna see him in wider lenses ya gotta know how to trick him into showing up.

Anyway, I had just gotten back from town and I even made the post yesterday on this here blog about the escapades we found. Then on the shelf Daido the Fuji X20 was anxious to go back out and be in the garden and told me to get going. I did, I always listen to my cameras and that keeps my shrink at the VA busy because if I was cured then I wouldn’t need  him and he would be sent back to the factory instead of me.

Daido was ready I tell ya. He was wearing the nice black soft leather strap and looked very stylish if I say so myself. So I put him around my neck so he could see what I’m seeing but he gets to see it better than me because he has a zoomie lens and I don’t. We made a few shots of the strawberry patch because we wanted to and this way any shots we make all year get cataloged in LR so that it’s easy to see in a chronological order what was going on. So there’s not much going on in the garden yet cause it’s still way early in the season and that’s just what I thought until!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought I saw something move against the wall of the garage. It was just like a shadow or something and I wasn’t sure what it could have been. Man, was I in for a surprise. I changed Daido to a 28mm FOV. Se, Daido has many tricks up his lens. He can be a 28mm and even go out to 112mm. I know, I know….multi tasking may not be my forte but it sure is Daido’s.

So Daido and I slowly walked to the garage wall and that’s also where the raspberry bushes live. Barsik the Cat who thinks he’s my BOSS and that I should do everything in my power to satisfy his ever growing belly is following us to the Zone of Confrontation! I saw a Raspberry cane that looked like it had something to say. So….Daido switched into Super Macro Mode and that gets my line of sight and FOV focused to a very small narrow area. Well, I decided I had to make a photo because that”s what I do. I make photos and I work with my friends the cameras that have names and feel like they are friends and not tools so that’s THAT!!!!!!

Man Daido was at the ready. He was focusing wherever I put the focus box. No matter close or closer. He was hot and ready to work. I could feel the heat from the battery and the LCD just warming my hand to keep Daido charged and on point. Well, a few weeks ago, John the family and sports shooter from DC sent me some stuff for Daido before he was named Daido. Imagine that.

There was a magic Red and Silver button that many call a soft release. For lack of a better word, I’ll use that also. So Daido and I are getting ready to make an exposure of the Raspberry cane that lives near the garage wall and then…..to my surprise, catching me totally off guard….and making me catch my breath so as not to tremble and ruin the macro shot that Daido does so well ……

Just as I was ready to press the button that many call a soft release, on the far left of the screen I saw this guy start to appear as if he was a shadow and was going to sneak in the shot and not tell me about his presence but just be there and he thought I was stupid and that Daido the Fuji X20 wouldn’t even know he was there.

Well…Daido waited and I waited and I moved a little so that the sneaky shadow guy was in the frame and then>>>>>>>CLICK. ONE SHOT! That’s all we had, just one shot but Daido was up to the task.

Me, well…I’ll have nightmares for a long time about that guy in the shadows. See, he looks like it could be me but alas…it’s not…look close, pixel peep if you will and you’ll see that that is MR. BOKEH..alive and well on Montour Street in North East Phila, Pa USA.

shooter out………………………………………………………………………………….

April 8th, 2014 … The Un-named Fuji X20 is a Friend on the Street and gets NAMED…DAIDO!

04-14-0130-EditSo Andre’ the Fuji XP1 and Garry the Fuji XP1 were very tired and wanted to nap. I didn’t have much time today as Tanya had other plans for me besides being on the street. So, what to do, what to do? I thought about taking the Un-named Fuji x20 but geeze, I don’t even know it’s name. It has not even given me a clue and it’s been a good while.

How the heck am I supposed to go out and be serious about my photography and the camera is like a …a….a…tool! The HORROR of it all! This can not be, this will not be this is being resolved right now. Well, not actually right now because theres a time lag between you and me and writing everything and processing in LR5.4..(new update….) and a cup of Green Tea and watching CNN for a spell to get my news fix but you get the point.


So here we are and I took everyones name into consideration. The Fuji X20 which is Black with the hood and filter and stuff that John from Washington sent me is named…..the name that Tommi suggested is the one I’ll use for no other reason than it’s the right name but don’t sweat because if you submitted a name and didn;t win the grand prize, you win anyway because if you send me an email with your address and only if you LR because the presets don’t work in LR unless Olivier the wizard from Florida waves his magic wand and then all things in the digital world are fine…..well, the camera is now named Daido. This was a hard choice because I try to name a camera after a photographer that has knowingly influenced me. Daido influenced me without trying.

04-14-0117-EditSo just send an email or post your email address in the comments box and I’ll send you a set of presets. They only work in LR. I said that but for disclosure of the highest order, I must repeat. Well, not now because I already repeated it and I’m not a complete idiot, not even friends!

The thing with the X20 is that is really is an all around camera. Daido can do tele shots, normal shots, wide angle shots and even 2 ways to do macro. He’s even got this little flash hiding inside the top plate and if ya don’t know it’s there, it will never bother you. Where the heck is the on/off switch? He ain’t got one….turn the lens barrel and eureka…it’s a freakin’ miracle I tell ya.

The ISO is very good to ISO 800. Many shoot higher than that and it’s cool but noise and funky artifacts start growing and….imagine..me the image transposer worrying about noise. Yeah, I actually do. I like to control the look of my photos and not have the camera mandate what will be the result.  High ISO is good if your prepared to get that look and can work with it. I can but I want to choose when and how.

Daido does Manual Focus like he owns it and no one else can come close. It’s true, it’s true. Andre and Garry the Fuji XP1’s get angry and tell me to forget about Daido and his fancy schmancy ISO tricks. check this put…I have to post this so the XP1’s don’t get to read it or the camera shelf will be a war zone.

here’s the Hyperfocal Distances for the Fuji X20.
2.0     10.1′
2.8       7.1′
4.0     5.0′
5.6     3.5′
8.0    2.5′
11.0   1.8′

The left column, such as it is, is the f/stop on the camera. The right column is the Focus Distance, in this case the Hyperfocal Distance. If you go to any f/stop and set that on the camera, then focus the camera to the corresponding distance, it’s easy to see why Daido claims to be King of the Hyperfocal Distance. Divide that focus distance in half and you see your DOF is very nice.

So, let’s say we are at f/5.6. Then if we focus the camera to 3.5′  we see that we have from 1.75′ to infinity in focus. Amazing!


I think another reason that the un-named Fuji X20 was given the name Daido is because he works the way I like in destroying the preconceptions I try to do with my Dreamcatcher Series. Of course we both fail because trying to destroy preconceptions just creates new preconceptions but…..BUTT! The files from Daido lend themselves to crazy processing that i like to do.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day and I’ll go to the streets with Andre’ because I miss him.  Please contact me for your free presets…..

shooter out………………..out of mind but out!…………………………

April 7th, 2014 … Andre’ the Fuji XP1 & I Share a Dream on the Street

04-14-0105-EditWe left the house early this morning around 0830 to do a nice 4 mile walk. Andre’, Garry and myself. The weather called for cloudy conditions….ISO 400  1/125   f/11 to give you an idea. Then it was supposed to start raining around 1300. I figured to be home before that happened. Well, as things go, it started raining by 0930. I had just a short time to try and find a few photos. Well, that’s exactly what I found, a few photos.

Ya know, when that wind gets going and there’s a dampness in the air…it’s anti street shooting. What, How and Why are you saying that shooter? Well, when I use a camera bag to haul gear and rest the uncamera holding arm on the bag, one must pay attention to weather conditions. Here’s why. I use a Luigi’s wrist strap on my cameras when I’m using a bag. So, the camera is now in my hand with a thumb grip and the strap. What happens is that, wind etc will blow against your hand and it will get either tired, cramped, agitated etc. It ain’t a  pretty feeling I tell ya.

Well, I started walking into the National Historic Park area. It was just about empty. I am not used to seeing it so bare except in the coldest days of winter. I started walking to the glass houses that protect the diggings that no one was ever supposed to find because it proved that President George Washington had slaves.

So these two guys are standing right at the glass and the glass is sweating from the humidity and Andre’, oh yeah…Andre’ is seeing something I really didn’t. He does his twitch thing and I respond like Pavlov’s Dogs and get him up to the face and ready. See, I’m trained to respond to the subject matter and the camera. Sheeeesh…how else could ya got photos if ya aren’t trained to respond right away? So I raised Andre’ the Fuji XP1 with his 23mm lens that acts like a 35mm lens and together we framed the OVF finder that many people say can’t frame correctly because they haven’t learned how to see the way the camera sees and that means the camera ain’t any good but we don’t care because we gotz dem brains and we be a figgurin’ out howta see right.

I open the aperture like I said already and framed. Funny thing, in all seriousness, I am using the OVF because it’s just a manly thing to do and I frame and after I got up from the ground from when the guy bopped me on the head that I made the picture of, I checked the photo on the screen and it was perfect to what I remember from before getting knocked down.


We walked up the path towards Chestnut Street and this is where looking right, is the Liberty Bell. Just before that window, as I’m on the outside with Andre’ the XP1 and the 23mm lens that acts like a 35mm…I looked into one of the exhibition chambers. This National Park Service Guard is standing there and looking at the light. Click..yup that fast as I trusted Andre’ to get the exposure right. I didn’t have time to set aperture and or shutter speed. Andre’ whispered, “I got this, don’t sweat it”. Sure enough, he set the ISO to meet my exposure. I had to do a little work on these photos in LR and NIK because I wanted to discover what was in my head and sure enough….it happened.

Tomorrow the weather promises to be better and I can walk more that 2 miles. Maybe I can hit 6 miles and just find photos out there….till then, I wish all of you the peace and happiness I never found….

………………………………………………………………..shooter ouy!