January 8th, 2014 ….. 20F The Fuji XE1 Makes Me Warm

01-14-0166Don’t get things wrong now, 20f is cold. I know, I know…my wife Tanya laughs at the Americans and spoiled way of living. So as she walked outside to the garden, it was obvious that America has worked it’s way into her mind and heart. She comes back in and says….”You better dress warm because you can’t take the cold like me”. Well, of course she ran into the living room and got under a blanket to warm up. I smiled and just let her think she’s still a Russian Comrade that doesn’t flinch in the cold.

But she did set the course for the day. See, I am told that I am not the sharpest pencil in the box…(yeah right)….but I know when it’s cold. I also know that film will reticulated in cold but sensors aren’t as sensitive to weather conditions. So I headed out with the XE1 and 21mm Skopar to just take a nice walk in the more than brisk cold.

01-14-0169I was on Market Street and I have to admit…it was cold and then…this young woman walked by me and for some strange reason, the sun came out and I felt warm…well warm all over. Funny how things like that can stir your day. Obviously beings the elder gentleman that I am I wouldn’t even look at her…..my camera, well….that’s another story.

01-14-0173I gotta be frank now. The Fuji’s are excellent to work with but using a good lens like the Skopar or Heliar or Summicron etc, brings the camera to life. Using a DOF scale is the joy that can’t be matched by Auto Focus lenses, no matter how good that may be. Tomorrow I’ll be on the streets with the XP1 and 35mm 1.4 because I promised to get that 50mm FOV under control.

Till then…stay warm and if your in OZ where it’s like 66F…sheeeesh……

10 thoughts on “January 8th, 2014 ….. 20F The Fuji XE1 Makes Me Warm”

  1. When I was stationed at the Philly Shipyards way back in 81 we went to some fancy colonial tavern down on Front St. (I think) they had this huge table well over 200 years old & drank hot buttered rums. Man, would I love to have one now. Wish too I had a camera with me then. I think the craziest thing I saw on Market St was some dude pushing another dude laying in a hospital bed holding out a tin cup wanting change.

    1. I don’t know where one could get a Hot Buttered Rum anymore. Everything now is kinda hipsterafied.
      As far as rolling beds on Market Street, it’s still a site one could see depending on weather. Our good Mayor saw fit to have rolling beds on Market Street be licensed and insured. But it’s my city and I love it and that’s why they call me crazy. I will investigate the Hot Buttered Rum scene so that you can have a few…..dozen on your next visit.

    1. Yeah, Yeah….baby pee pee and poopy stuff, that’l make ya warm…….

      thanks for the props….the hand shot is as good as it gets…..who did ya get to make it?

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