March 2nd, 2014 ….. Fuji XP1 Battles Winter Boredom

03-14-0004It’s the start of March and we here in Philly brace for yet another snow storm. This time the y predict about 12″. Now let it be known that I might be the only person in the Philly region that likes Spring and Summer, even Fall but Winter….well…I’ll leave that to the others, whosoever they be. I feel totally inspired to work but my mind and body don’t see things the same way. Non of the parts that make me are in agreement about Winter. Fact of the matter is…..I hate it, most of my parts do. I always did. I always will. The only thing that keeps me going is watching the weather and hoping for warmer weather but….and that’s a big BUTT! I still need to work and make photos just because that like breathing is something I have to do.

03-14-0028Winter brings slim pickens and I am grateful for what ever the XP1 can find. Luckily enough the XP1 has a good AF setup because I trust it as I can’t focus on anything. I guess that’s why I named it Andre’. Just because the camera can enlighten me when the darkness sets in. As long as I’m finding photos and making them, I feel somewhat productive. The doldrums of the cold and snow take it’s toll on my creative energy. I depend on Andre’ to find the light that will shed it’s warmth on my Eye, Heart and MInd.

He is a worthy companion and often presents me with photos that may not be representative of my finest hour but they sometimes don’t have to be, they just need to keep the spark of life breathing through the winter hibernation.

03-14-0015In Philly, some people are so lost from the cold that they just sit on chairs on the street in search of the beach that lives in their mind. It doesn’t matter as all Philadelphian’s understand that and are sympathetic to the cause. Shooters are sparse this time of the year. They find excuses not to go out and just work on their photos from past days and wait till the weather warms the concrete enough to start humping again. Andre’ the XP1 doesn’t really care about the weather. With the adjustable DR, he can adapt better than most to the sometimes harsh light and contrast. That’s why I let him lead me to the light because I can’t see where I am or even think about where I need to go let alone take control.



03-14-0019It’s the weekend here in Philly and I am already anticipating the new storm. No, not the Snow Storm but the Storm called Inspired Eye. Now that the current issue is released, it’s time to get to work on the next one. As time consuming as it is, I feel that it must continue and support the community. Anyway, I need more Kona and have to get on my way…where too, dunno but somewhere and of course Andre’ is all ready to show me the light.

………………shooter out……………………………….

5 thoughts on “March 2nd, 2014 ….. Fuji XP1 Battles Winter Boredom”

  1. Don, waking up to yet another sub-zero morning here in Minneapolis I can totally identify with what you have posted here. It’s supposed to hit 30 degrees here by mid-week. A regular heat wave! I have a new X-E2 and X-E1 that want to get out and play. Take care with all that snow coming your way. Dave

    1. Dave, The weather sure sucks around here and now I know where it’s coming from. If you could just turn off the fan in that East window…that might slow things down here…..much appreciated.

      The XE1 & XE2…..? I wrote a blog post at the Inspired Eye about just that. I have the XE1 also and it’s real sweet. Ya know, that 27mm on there almost makes it a compact camera. Good lick with the weather and more with the 2 cameras. I’d be glad to post their names if’n ya get ’round to it….

  2. Feel the same Don. Woke up this morning and am so glad the predictions were just that….predictions. Less than an inch here in the rotten apple….Rotten, because all those that toss garbage into piles of snow thinking it’ll somehow disappear, only to reappear with more urgency once the snow melt begins. This ain’t North Dakota. I’m tired of this coat. I want some freedom and warm air. I want to walk more then 5 blocks without having to duck inside somewhere to grab some warmth for my frozen hands.

    1. The winter has taken it’s toll…..I hear tell that down here in Philly the City paid the Weather Unit and bought some Spring weather to spread around soon….

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